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ANZ National Bank Limited Standard & Poor’s credit rating

12:59pm, 2 Dec 2011 | CREDIT

Following the downgrade of ANZ National Bank Limited’s credit rating by Standard and Poor's Australia Pty. Limited (“S&P”) from AA to AA- on 1 December 2011, the debt securities listed below now have the following S&P credit rating:

Domestic MTNS Coupon NZ$m Start Date Mat. Date ISIN New S&P Rating Previous S&P rating
ANZ Nat (ANB080) 8.50% 235 09-Jun-08 09-Jun-14 NZANBD0008S3 AA- AA
Subordinated Debt
ANZ Nat (ANB050) 7.60% 250 02-Mar-07 02-Mar-17 NZANBD0004S2 A- AA-
ANZ Nat (ANB060) 8.23% 350 23-Jul-07 23-Jul-17 NZANBD0005S9 A- AA-
Perpetual Debt
ANZNat (ANBHA) 9.66%s.a. 835 18-Apr-08 NZANBD0006S7 BBB A+

Paul Daley