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FIN - Disclosure notice

4:31pm, 21 Jan 2010 | GENERAL

Finzsoft advises that the contracts previously announced on 27 July 2009, undertaken by Director’s Messer’s Holliday and Wills to provide management services have come to an end with the CEO transition now complete.

Finzsoft advises that due to the recent restructuring of the sales and marketing team within the company, Finzsoft is to appoint Pi Capital Investments Limited (Directors and shareholders are Mr Wills and Mr Holliday) under a contract to provide key client support and explore new business opportunities. It is expected the cost will be up to $10,000 per month on an ongoing basis. The contract maybe terminated by either party providing four weeks written notice.

The independent Directors consider that it is in the best interest of Finzsoft to enter into this contract so that Finzsoft continues to receive suitable marketing, account management and business development services.

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