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Shares - Issue of options

3:25pm, 2 Jun 2011 | ALLOT

Shares- Issue of options

Pursuant to NZX Listing Rule 7.12.1, the Company provides to NZX the following details in respect of an issue of options:

(a) Class of Security: Share options to subscribe for ordinary shares on a one for one basis that will rank equally with the existing ordinary shares on issue in all respects. ISIN: NZFINE0001S0. Ticker Code: FIN.
(b) Number issued: 200,000.
(c) Issue price: Nil (the exercise price is $0.33, and the options are exercisable on or after the earlier of 30 November 2012, a full takeover of Finzsoft securities achieving 90% acceptance and (if the Company agrees) the death, incapacity, redundancy or retirement of the holder).
(d) Payment terms: Nil.
(e) Amount paid up: Nil.
(f) Percentage of ordinary shares issued: N/A (there are no other outstanding options on issue).
(g) Reason for issue: to assist key staff in becoming shareholders of the Company.
(h) Specific authority for issue: Board Resolution.
(i) Terms of issue: Not applicable. There is no escrow on the issue of the options.
(j) Total number of options in existence after issue: 449,000.
(k) Treasury Stock: N/A.
(l) Date of issue: 2 June 2011.

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