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Ongoing Disclosure Notice (Robert Campbell)

3:26pm, 18 Nov 2011 | RELINT

Ongoing Disclosure Notice
Section 19T(2), Securities Markets Act 1988

A Details of director or officer
Name of director or officer of public issuer: Robert James Campbell
Name of public issuer: Summerset Group Holdings Limited
Name of related body corporate (if applicable): N/A
Position held in public issuer: Director

B Securities in public issuer or related body corporate to which this disclosure relates
Number, class, and type of securities: 35,000 ordinary shares after the transaction

C Nature of relevant interest and name of registered holder
Nature of relevant interest in securities:(a) Beneficial ownership of 35,000 ordinary shares
Name of registered holder of securities:(a) Tutanekai Investments Limited

D Details of acquisitions and disposals
If the relevant interest was acquired—
Date of acquisition: 2 November 2011 ,3 November 2011
Consideration paid for acquisition: $20,600 ($6,900 for 5,000 ordinary shares at $1.38 per share, $13,700 for 10,000 ordinary shares at $1.37 per share)

If the relevant interest was disposed of—
Date of disposal: N/A
Consideration paid for disposal: N/A

Type of transaction
Describe the arrangement pursuant to which, or the circumstances in which, the acquisition or disposal took place: On-market acquisition of shares

E Total number of transactions this notice relates to: 3

F Date of last disclosure notice (whether in form 1 or form 2) by director or officer: 1/11/11

G Signature
Signature of director or officer:
Date of signature:

Signature of person authorised to sign on behalf of director or officer:
Date of signature:
Name and title of authorised person: