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Australian healthcare property index launched

11:29am, 23 Feb 2012 | GENERAL

Australian healthcare property index confirms defensive nature of asset class

As a result of medical and healthcare real estate becoming larger and more prominent as a specialised asset class, Investment Property Databank (IPD) Australia launched the IPD Australian Healthcare Index (“Index”) on 21 February.

The Australian assets of Vital Healthcare Property Trust (“Vital”) are included in the Index. The Index provides a robust approach to the investment profile of Australian healthcare property assets, which include hospital and specialist medical assets. The Index currently has five participants with a pool of 49 assets valued at just under A$1b.

David Carr, Chief Executive of the manager of Vital welcomed this new index as an independent measure of the performance and characteristics of the healthcare property sector.

“The inaugural Index launch shows that over a five year time series, annualised healthcare returns have a greater defensive total return profile when measured against other core property asset classes, and the highest risk adjusted return. This again reflects the defensive characteristics and nature of healthcare property assets, sector demographics, activities and underlying trends that support the industry,” he said.

“While the index is a valuable financial and performance analysis tool, it will also be a very helpful marketing tool in our continued education of the wider market about the differentiated aspects of the healthcare asset class and its defensive qualities.”


Note: The IPD presentation on the Index is attached to this release.

David Carr
Chief Executive
Vital Healthcare Management Ltd
Telephone: 09 357 1818

Vital Healthcare Property Trust
With a portfolio value of over NZ$550m, Vital Healthcare Property Trust (NZSX: VHP) is New Zealand’s largest listed entity investing in medical and healthcare properties in Australasia. With an expert understanding of the needs of healthcare tenants on both sides of the Tasman, we actively select, develop and manage quality properties to meet the growing demand for medical and healthcare services. Our 124 tenants, in 25 properties, provide essential healthcare services to thousands of patients while also undertaking research and providing support services that will make a difference to many more lives in the future.

The Manager of Vital Healthcare Property Trust, Vital Healthcare Management Limited is owned by NorthWest Value Partners Inc., a private real estate investment firm based in Canada with a healthcare real estate interests in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Germany.