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NZX Derivatives

NZX Derivatives

The NZX Derivatives Market provides investors with the tools to manage and gain exposure to New Zealand’s capital markets and the global dairy industry.

NZX Dairy

Dairy Derivatives

NZX launched the Global Dairy Futures and Options market to provide tools for farmers, producers, manufacturers and others to manage the price risk inherent in the global dairy industry.

The NZX Dairy Futures Market is registered as a Foreign Board of Trade by US regulatory agency the Commodity Futures Trading Comission (CFTC) under the US Commodity Exchange Act.

Click here to go to the Dairy Futures website.

NZX Equity Derivatives

Equity Derivatives

NZX also launched an Equity Derivatives Market in June 2014, offering domestic and international investors the tools needed to manage and gain exposure to the New Zealand Capital Market.

The NZX Equity Derivatives Market offers Index futures contracts and Exchange Traded Options (ETO’s) on Spark, Fletcher Building and Trade Me ordinary shares.

To find out more about equity derivatives please go to the Learn More section.