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The NZX Main Board (NZSX) is our original equities market and home for New Zealand’s best known brands and companies.

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Capitalisation (000s) $101,822,117
Trade Volume 0
Trade Count 0
Instruments Listed 161

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Recent Announcements

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Code Title Date Type
KMD Correction: Takeover Notice under Takeovers Code 1 Jul 2015, 5:10pm TAKEOVER
BGR Correction: BGR Lodges Takeover Notice for shar... 1 Jul 2015, 5:07pm TAKEOVER
NZXR NZF020: Cessation of Quotation 1 Jul 2015, 4:53pm MEMO
NZF020 NZF020: Cessation of Quotation 1 Jul 2015, 4:53pm MEMO
SEA SeaDragon S209 Notice 1 Jul 2015, 4:50pm ANNREP
MRP Listing Rule 7.12.1 Notice 1 Jul 2015, 4:27pm ALLOT
ALF NZ Farmers Livestock Hawke's Bay acquisition se... 1 Jul 2015, 4:27pm ASSET
BRM BRM undiluted NAV $0.6972 as at 30/6/15 1 Jul 2015, 4:12pm NTA
KFL KFL NAV as at 30/6/15 - undiluted $1.3065 1 Jul 2015, 4:10pm NTA
HED Notice of Compulsory Acquisition 1 Jul 2015, 3:41pm TAKEOVER
P Denotes Price Sensitive announcements

Upcoming Dividends

Code Ex Dividend Period Amount Supp. Imputation Payable Currency
WBC 13/05/2015 Interim 93.000c 0.000c 6.000c 02/07/2015 AUD
NPT 17/06/2015 Final 1.100c 0.000c 0.000c 03/07/2015 NZD
FPH 17/06/2015 Final 8.000c 1.412c 3.111c 10/07/2015 NZD
TEM 17/06/2015 Final 8.250c 0.000c 0.000c 22/07/2015 GBP
ASD 26/06/2015 Interim 1.876c 0.331c 0.730c 20/07/2015 NZD
DIV 26/06/2015 Interim 0.396c 0.025c 0.054c 20/07/2015 NZD
SCL 29/06/2015 Final 7.000c 1.235c 2.722c 10/07/2015 NZD
FCT 01/07/2015 Interim 2.300c 0.000c 0.000c 03/08/2015 GBP
MFT 08/07/2015 Final 20.000c 3.529c 7.778c 17/07/2015 NZD
TNR 08/07/2015 Final 0.600c 0.000c 0.000c 17/07/2015 NZD
MPG 16/07/2015 Final 3.600c 0.635c 1.400c 04/08/2015 NZD
SCY 05/08/2015 Final 2.500c 0.000c 0.000c 14/08/2015 NZD
HFL 05/08/2015 Interim 4.900c 0.000c 0.000c 28/08/2015 GBP

Upcoming Listings

More Listing Information
Company Code Company Name Security Code Proposed Listing Date
MVT Mercantile investment company limited MVT 06/07/2015

Upcoming Meetings

Company Type Date Time Location
SCY AGM 25/08/2015 10.30am The Function Lounge
Hagley Oval
Riccarton Avenue
Central Christchurch
RBD AGM 02/07/2015 11.00am Peppers Clearwater Resort
Clearwater Ave
OHE AGM 15/07/2015 2.00pm The Clinical Education Centre
Auckland District Health Board
2 Park Road
DNZ AGM 22/07/2015 11.00am The Remuera Room
Ellerslie Racecourse
80-100 Ascot Avenue
XRO AGM 22/07/2015 4.00pm Visa Platinum Gallery
Te Papa
55 Cable Street
AWF AGM 22/07/2015 11.00am Pullman Hotel
cnr Waterloo Quadrant and Princess Street
MAD AGM 22/07/2015 10.00am The Chateau on the Park Hotel and Conference Centre
Corner Deans Avenue and Kilmarnock Street
CVT AGM 23/07/2015 TBA TBA
AOR AGM 23/07/2015 TBA TBA
GXH AGM 28/07/2015 TBA TBA
RYM AGM 29/07/2015 TBA Bruce McLaren Retirement Village in Howick
GMT AGM 29/07/2015 1.30pm Stamford Plaza Hotel
22-26 Albert Street
MFT AGM 29/07/2015 TBA TBA
MOA AGM 30/07/2015 3.00pm TBA
BLT AGM 31/07/2015 TBA Dunedin
KFL AGM 31/07/2015 TBA Ellerslie Event Centre
KPG AGM 31/07/2015 10.00am Level 4 Lounge West
South Stand
Gate G
Eden Park
PEB AGM 13/08/2015 TBA TBA
ARG AGM 18/08/2015 2.00pm Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
101 Curran Street
Westhaven Marina
SKO AGM 19/08/2015 TBA Auckland
FIN AGM 21/08/2015 9.30am Pricewaterhouse Coopers
188 Quay Street
Level 22
IFT AGM 21/08/2015 2.30pm Oceania Room
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
55 Cable Street
ARV AGM 21/08/2015 8.30am The George
50 Park Terrace
FPH AGM 27/08/2015 2.00pm Guineas Ballroom
Ellerslie Event Centre
MVN AGM 14/07/2015 TBA TBA
EVO AGM 03/09/2015 10.00am Auckland