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The NZX Main Board (NZSX) is our original equities market and home for New Zealand’s best known brands and companies.

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Capitalisation (000s) $99,664,076
Trade Volume 0
Trade Count 0
Instruments Listed 156

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Recent Announcements

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Code Title Date Type
MPG Initial Disclosure Notice 31 Mar 2015, 5:24pm RELINT
MPG Michael Alscher to replace Neville Buch on Board 31 Mar 2015, 5:23pm DIRECTOR
TEN Notice of Acquisition of Shares 31 Mar 2015, 5:11pm BUYBACK
FBU FBIL Half Year Review 31 Mar 2015, 4:26pm INTERIM
FBU FBL Half Year Review 2015 31 Mar 2015, 4:24pm INTERIM
IQE IQE - FY 2014 Annual Report and Section 209 Notice 31 Mar 2015, 3:22pm ANNREP
ABA SSH Notice - Blair Tallott 31 Mar 2015, 3:16pm SSH
MAD SSH Notice - Superlife Trustee Nominees Limited 31 Mar 2015, 2:38pm SSH
PIL Revision of 2014 Annual Report 31 Mar 2015, 2:15pm ANNREP
PIL 2014 Audited Annual Report 31 Mar 2015, 2:11pm ANNREP
P Denotes Price Sensitive announcements

Upcoming Dividends

Code Ex Dividend Period Amount Supp. Imputation Payable Currency
TPI 25/02/2015 Final 0.700c 0.000c 0.000c 01/04/2015 AUD
OGC 26/02/2015 Final 4.000c 0.000c 0.000c 30/04/2015 USD
AMP 03/03/2015 Final 13.500c 0.000c 0.000c 10/04/2015 AUD
PGW 10/03/2015 Interim 2.000c 0.353c 0.778c 08/04/2015 NZD
EBO 11/03/2015 Interim 22.000c 1.165c 2.570c 02/04/2015 NZD
NPX 13/03/2015 Interim 10.000c 0.000c 0.000c 02/04/2015 NZD
OIC 16/03/2015 Final 4.900c 0.865c 1.906c 01/04/2015 NZD
HNZ 17/03/2015 Interim 3.000c 0.529c 1.167c 02/04/2015 NZD
AIA 17/03/2015 Interim 7.300c 1.288c 2.839c 02/04/2015 NZD
NPT 17/03/2015 Interim 0.800c 0.000c 0.125c 02/04/2015 NZD
SKC 18/03/2015 Interim 10.000c 0.000c 0.000c 02/04/2015 NZD
FRE 18/03/2015 Interim 12.000c 2.118c 4.667c 07/04/2015 NZD
HBY 23/03/2015 Interim 9.000c 1.588c 3.500c 01/04/2015 NZD
MHI 24/03/2015 Interim 2.500c 0.000c 0.000c 02/04/2015 NZD
FCT 25/03/2015 Final 2.700c 0.000c 0.000c 01/05/2015 GBP
FBU 25/03/2015 Interim 18.000c 0.000c 0.000c 15/04/2015 NZD
SPK 25/03/2015 Interim 9.000c 1.588c 3.500c 10/04/2015 NZD
ASP 27/03/2015 Final 2.649c 0.098c 0.216c 21/04/2015 NZD
MDZ 27/03/2015 Final 8.194c 0.000c 2.867c 21/04/2015 NZD
MZY 27/03/2015 Final 5.225c 0.791c 1.743c 21/04/2015 NZD
TNZ 27/03/2015 Final 1.687c 0.298c 0.656c 21/04/2015 NZD
MELCA 27/03/2015 Interim 4.800c 0.850c 1.870c 15/04/2015 NZD
MELCA 27/03/2015 Special 1.400c 0.250c 0.540c 15/04/2015 NZD
VCT 27/03/2015 Interim 7.500c 1.324c 2.917c 15/04/2015 NZD
PCT 27/03/2015 Interim 1.350c 0.171c 0.377c 17/04/2015 NZD
OZY 27/03/2015 Final 6.303c 1.112c 2.451c 21/04/2015 NZD
FNZ 27/03/2015 Final 3.250c 0.574c 1.264c 21/04/2015 NZD
MET 31/03/2015 Interim 1.500c 0.000c 0.000c 17/04/2015 NZD
WHS 31/03/2015 Interim 11.000c 1.941c 4.278c 16/04/2015 NZD
GNE 31/03/2015 Interim 8.000c 1.400c 3.100c 16/04/2015 NZD
AWK 31/03/2015 Interim 8.000c 0.000c 3.111c 10/04/2015 NZD
THL 07/04/2015 Interim 7.000c 0.618c 1.361c 16/04/2015 NZD
HLG 08/04/2015 Interim 14.500c 2.559c 5.639c 17/04/2015 NZD
CMO 08/04/2015 Interim 13.000c 2.294c 5.056c 20/04/2015 NZD
TTK 08/04/2015 Interim 4.000c 0.706c 1.556c 17/04/2015 NZD
FSF 08/04/2015 Interim 10.000c 0.000c 0.000c 20/04/2015 NZD
CDI 29/04/2015 Final 2.200c 0.388c 0.856c 15/05/2015 NZD
MCK 06/05/2015 Final 2.400c 0.424c 0.933c 15/05/2015 NZD
MCKPA 06/05/2015 Final 2.400c 0.424c 0.933c 15/05/2015 NZD
KMD 03/06/2015 Interim 3.000c 0.529c 1.167c 19/06/2015 NZD

Upcoming Listings

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Company Code Company Name Security Code Proposed Listing Date
DIV New zealand dividend index trust DIV 07/04/2015
ASF Australian financials index trust ASF 07/04/2015
ASR Australian resources index trust ASR 07/04/2015
FLI Fliway group limited FLI 09/04/2015

Upcoming Meetings

Company Type Date Time Location
OIC AGM0 22/04/2015 10.30am The Rydges
59 Federal Street
DIL AGM 28/04/2015 11.00am Pullman Hotel
Corner of Princes and Waterloo Quadrant
SEK AGM 28/04/2015 2.30pm Club Mount Maunganui (Inc.)
45 Kawaka Street
Mount Maunganui
NZR AGM 29/04/2015 TBA TBA
SUM AGM 30/04/2015 1.00pm The Makaro Room at Te Raukaura
Odlins Square
Taranaki Street Wharf
WYN AGM 19/05/2015 2.00pm TBA
PFI AGM 20/05/2015 TBA Level 4 Lounge
South Stand
Eden Park
Gate P5
Reimers Ave
Mount Eden
Auckland 1024
VGL AGM 20/05/2015 9.30am TBA
NZX AGM 21/05/2015 2.00pm TBA
IQE AGM 21/05/2015 TBA TBA
TUR AGM 17/06/2015 TBA TBA
MFT AGM 29/07/2015 TBA TBA