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NZX Main Board (NZSX)

The NZX Main Board (NZSX) is our original equities market and home for New Zealand’s best known brands and companies.

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Capitalisation (000s) $101,986,493
Trade Volume 0
Trade Count 0
Instruments Listed 159

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Recent Announcements

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Code Title Date Type
TEN Notice of Acquisition of Shares 27 May 2015, 5:21pm BUYBACK
ANZ Notice Corporations Act Subsection 259C(2) 27 May 2015, 4:59pm GENERAL
TRS Preliminary Full Year Report 27 May 2015, 4:27pm FLLYR
FSF Global Dairy Update May 2015 27 May 2015, 4:16pm MONTHLY
PIL AGM Address from the Chairman, CEO and Principa... 27 May 2015, 4:15pm ADDRESS
FSF Fonterra announces Board change 27 May 2015, 4:04pm DIRECTOR
OHE Notification of Closing Date for Director Nomin... 27 May 2015, 3:26pm MEETING
MEL Disclosure of Senior Managers' Relevant Interests 27 May 2015, 3:02pm RELINT
WHS WHS Staff Share Scheme (Smith, Powell, Okhovat,... 27 May 2015, 2:50pm RELINT
GTK Interim Financial Results – Audio Briefing 27 May 2015, 2:36pm KEYDATES
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Upcoming Dividends

Code Ex Dividend Period Amount Supp. Imputation Payable Currency
BIT 29/04/2015 Interim 3.900c 0.000c 0.000c 29/05/2015 GBP
TCL 29/04/2015 Interim 3.900c 0.000c 0.000c 29/05/2015 GBP
HFL 06/05/2015 Interim 4.700c 0.000c 0.000c 29/05/2015 GBP
ANZ 08/05/2015 Interim 86.000c 0.000c 10.000c 01/07/2015 AUD
WBC 13/05/2015 Interim 93.000c 0.000c 6.000c 02/07/2015 AUD
PCT 18/05/2015 Interim 1.350c 0.170c 0.375c 04/06/2015 NZD
WDTPA 18/05/2015 Interim 0.499c 0.000c 0.000c 29/05/2015 NZD
ZEL 20/05/2015 Final 16.500c 2.912c 6.417c 03/06/2015 NZD
KPG 22/05/2015 Final 3.250c 0.082c 0.180c 29/05/2015 NZD
TPW 27/05/2015 Final 21.000c 2.471c 5.444c 12/06/2015 NZD
VHP 02/06/2015 Interim 2.000c 0.278c 0.612c 18/06/2015 NZD
GMT 02/06/2015 Final 1.613c 0.114c 0.251c 18/06/2015 NZD
IFT 03/06/2015 Final 8.000c 1.412c 3.111c 15/06/2015 NZD
DNZ 03/06/2015 Final 3.125c 0.299c 0.658c 19/06/2015 NZD
KMD 03/06/2015 Interim 3.000c 0.529c 1.167c 19/06/2015 NZD
IFT 03/06/2015 Special 6.400c 1.129c 2.489c 15/06/2015 NZD
TIL 05/06/2015 Final 3.663c 0.647c 1.425c 17/06/2015 NZD
GXH 08/06/2015 Final 3.500c 0.617c 1.361c 19/06/2015 NZD
CEN 08/06/2015 Special 50.000c 8.824c 19.444c 23/06/2015 NZD
KFL 10/06/2015 Interim 2.710c 0.141c 0.310c 26/06/2015 NZD
BRM 10/06/2015 Interim 1.420c 0.205c 0.452c 26/06/2015 NZD
RBD 10/06/2015 Final 11.500c 2.029c 4.472c 26/06/2015 NZD
HED 10/06/2015 Final 8.000c 0.000c 3.111c 26/06/2015 NZD
MLN 10/06/2015 Interim 1.880c 0.103c 0.228c 26/06/2015 NZD
RYM 10/06/2015 Final 7.300c 0.000c 0.000c 26/06/2015 NZD
SAN 10/06/2015 Interim 9.000c 1.588c 3.500c 19/06/2015 NZD
TWR 10/06/2015 Interim 8.500c 0.000c 0.000c 30/06/2015 NZD
MVN 17/06/2015 Final 4.000c 0.706c 1.556c 30/06/2015 NZD
CVT 17/06/2015 Final 9.000c 1.588c 3.500c 26/06/2015 NZD
NPT 17/06/2015 Final 1.100c 0.000c 0.000c 03/07/2015 NZD
SCL 29/06/2015 Final 7.000c 1.235c 2.722c 10/07/2015 NZD
TNR 08/07/2015 Final 0.600c 0.000c 0.000c 17/07/2015 NZD
MFT 08/07/2015 Final 20.000c 3.529c 7.778c 17/07/2015 NZD
MPG 16/07/2015 Final 3.600c 0.635c 1.400c 04/08/2015 NZD

Upcoming Listings

More Listing Information
Company Code Company Name Security Code Proposed Listing Date
BRM Barramundi limited BRMWC 05/06/2015
PAY Pushpay holdings limited PAY 09/06/2015

Upcoming Meetings

Company Type Date Time Location
SCL AGM 08/06/2015 4.30pm Main Dining Room
The Canterbury Club
129 Cambridge Terrace
WDT AGM 11/06/2015 3.00pm 21 Arrenway Drive
North Harbour
TGG AGM 17/06/2015 TBA TBA
RBD AGM 02/07/2015 11.00am Peppers Clearwater Resort
Clearwater Ave
DNZ AGM 22/07/2015 TBA TBA
RYM AGM 29/07/2015 TBA Bruce McLaren Retirement Village in Howick
GMT AGM 29/07/2015 1.30pm Stamford Plaza Hotel
22-26 Albert Street
MFT AGM 29/07/2015 TBA TBA
PEB AGM 13/08/2015 TBA TBA