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NZX Info Products

Information is core to NZX's business: good investment decisions are based on quality information. NZX Info produces valuable information across markets: equities, agriculture and energy.

Phone (64) 4 471 4390 or email for further information.

Market Information

NZX’s market Information can be received either directly through our Market Data Feed (MDF) or by subscribing to one of the existing Licensees. The MDF provides access to Real Time or Delayed information including Order Book Messages, Quote Messages, Trade Messages, Announcements Headlines, General Messages, Index Messages and Issuer & Security Messages.

For more information on the NZX MDF, please email

NZX requires parties who use and redistribute NZX data to hold a licence to do so.

To receive market information from an NZX conformed Licensee, visit

Announcement Search

You can access an up-to-date database of all market announcements that have been released to the public via our online platform, iSearch. Daily announcements can be accessed in Real Time or 24hrs Delayed depending on the user's subscription package. Your search can be narrowed down by announcement type, keyword search, company or date range
Announcement Search Overview

Delivery: HTML and CSV files via our online platform, i-Search, with Email Notification

Company Research Centre

A comprehensive regularly updated analysis of New Zealand listed companies since their listing date. Allows for easy multiple access in a network environment, easy downloading and timely updating of information such as daily announcements, price and index histories. Information includes annual reports dating back to 1983, director searches, shareholder information, financials, annoucnements, events and profiles.

Delivery: HTML and CSV files via our online platform, Company Research Centre, with Email notification

Corporate Actions

Up to date information pertaining to new, or changes to existing corporate actions, takeovers, mergers and all other listings activity by listed issuers. This subscription also provides lists of all current quoted equity and debt securities, as well as detailed information on all securities with dividends eligible for reinvestment.
Corporate Actions Overview

Delivery: HTML and CSV files via our online platform, i-Search, with Email notification

Custom Data Request

We have a variety of market related data and information available. We can compile this on a customised basis to meet your specific needs.

Delivery: By arrangement

Internal Stock Report

The internal stock report provides listed issuers with a monthly snapshot of how they're performing, including what brokers are trading their stock and price, volume and value movement. This is an easy way for the board and internal users to stay informed.
Internal Stock Report Overview

Delivery: By email on the second working day of every month

Market Share Report

Three reports covering Broker Activity on NZX markets. Daily trading activity is presented as an aggregate by Participant, by Participant by Security and as a list of all individual trades.

Delivery: HTML and CSV files via our online platform, i-Search, with Email notification


Up to date, searchable and printable NZSX, NZAX & NZDX Listing Rules, Derivatives Rules, Clearing & Settlement Rules, Depository & Participant Rules as well as historic copies.
Rules Overview

Delivery: Via our online platform, i-Search

XML Data Feed

This provides listed issuers with a data feed of their live announcements and prices on the relevant NZX Market, for display their website. We can also customise pricing charts as part of this product.

Delivery: XML Feed