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How To Trade

This website is intended to provide market information, it does not include the ability to execute trades. To get started trading, you will need to contact an NZX market participant.

NZX market participants are accredited by NZX to advise on NZX markets. Click here for a full list of NZX participants.

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds can offer you a simple way to gain a wide exposure to securities markets with flexibility and low fees.

Smartshares offer a range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which trade on market, just like an ordinary share, but provide the diversification and performance benefits of an index tracking fund. They can be bought and sold through an NZX Advisor just like shares, or you can set up a regular savings plan to invest monthly with no transaction fees. Each Smartshares Fund is designed to mirror a particular sharemarket index and so each ETF is comprised of the securities, or shares, of the companies of the index that it tracks. For example, smartTENZ is a basket of shares that mirrors the NZX 10 Index which tracks the performance of New Zealand's top ten listed companies. This means investors get returns that are very similar to those of the index.

For more information visit or the Products section of this website.

Managed Funds

You can also invest in securities markets by investing in a Managed Fund. A managed fund is exactly that - an investment fund that is managed professionally by an expert fund manager who invests in a variety of investments. The actual type and mix of investments within the fund depends on a predetermined mandate communicated by the Fund Manager.

With managed funds, your money is pooled together with that of other investors to create a single strong fund that provides significant investor benefits, which includes an instant increase in buying strength.

The main benefit of professionally managed funds is that they provide access to an investment that offers numerous investing opportunities that the individual investor would otherwise not have been able to access.

Additionally, the wide variety of managed funds available ensures that the personal requirements of each individual investor may be met. Whether high risk/high capital growth investments or the low risk investment that provides consistent income over a period of time, managed funds offer solutions for almost every investor.

For comprehensive information on the performance of a wide range of New Zealand and Australian managed funds and KiwiSaver schemes, visit FundSource is New Zealand’s leading investment research house, supplying analysis to financial planners and fund managers since 1987. FundSource products are also listed in the Products section on this website.


Smartshares, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NZX, provides a KiwiSaver scheme called SmartKiwi. SmartKiwi is a simple, low cost KiwiSaver scheme designed to deliver you the best value from your money.

For more information, or to join or transfer to SmartKiwi, please visit the SmartKiwi website at or the Products section on this website.

You can also compare different KiwiSaver schemes by visiting

Information on Investing

You can find a number of helpful introductory information sources online. The independent Retirement Commission provides information on different strategies for saving and investing, including in securities. See for more information.

Additionally, the Financial Markets Authority provides information specific to investing at

MyNZX Tools

In addition to market prices, announcements, and other key data, this website provides a number of tools you can use to monitor your investments and the market once you are trading.

With a free MyNZX account you can:

  • track the value of your portfolio each day;
  • create a watchlist;
  • get daily emails on market information relevant to you; and
  • enquire as to the exact balance of a particular security that you hold.