SNK $0.091 $0.001 / 1.11% 52 Week Change: $-0.069 / -43.13%
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Snakk Media Limited
Security Type
Ordinary Shares
Services / Finance & Other Services


Trading Status Trading
Trades 2
Value $4,914.00
Volume 54,000
Capitalisation (000s) $24,127


Open $0.090
High $0.091
Low $0.091
High Bid $0.091
Low Offer $0.094


P/E 0.000
EPS -$0.006
NTA $0.026
Gross Div Yield 0.000%
Shares Issued 265,132,984
Data up to date as of 24/04/2014 11:59AM

Company Description

Mobile and Portable Device advertising and media aggregator.

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Company Analysis

Snakk’s vision is to be renowned around the globe as a leading enabler of purpose-driven advertising on mobile devices, changing brands and impacting lives through the new screens in our world. Snakk enable brands to reach their consumers on smartphones and tablets, delivering engaging ads across a network of mobile websites, applica...(more)