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Ebos Group Limited
Security Type
Ordinary Shares
NZX 50, NZX 50 Portfolio, NZX MidCap, and NZX All
Goods / Intermed & Durables


Trading Status Trading
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Value $0.00
Volume 0
Capitalisation (000s) $1,329,555


Open $8.940
High $0.000
Low $0.000
High Bid $8.940
Low Offer $8.960


P/E 14.780
EPS $0.605
NTA $0.489
Gross Div Yield 4.743%
Shares Issued 148,719,839
Data up to date as of 24/04/2014 04:40AM

Company Description

Distributors of healthcare products.

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Company Analysis

Formerly Early Bros Dental & Surgical Supplies Ltd, the company's business was restructured in the 1990s. The major focus now is the marketing of medical consumable products, and growth has been assisted by acquisitions on both sides of the Tasman since 1996. These included Richard Thomson & Co, Health Support Ltd, Maygar Medical, Medic ...(more)