FRE $4.950 $0.080 / 1.64% 52 Week Change: $0.360 / 7.84%
Issued By
Freightways Limited
Security Type
Ordinary Shares
NZX 50, NZX 50 Portfolio, NZX MidCap, and NZX All
Services / Transport


Trading Status Trading
Trades 31
Value $270,131.32
Volume 55,340
Capitalisation (000s) $763,460


Open $4.870
High $0.000
Low $0.000
High Bid $4.960
Low Offer $4.800


P/E 18.580
EPS $0.267
NTA -$0.601
Gross Div Yield 5.542%
Shares Issued 154,234,424
Data up to date as of 24/04/2014 01:14AM

Company Description

Freight, courier and information management services.

Price History (30 days)

FRE 30 day price history

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There are no upcoming dividends in this security at this time.

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Company Analysis

The company listed in September 2003 following the sale of shares in Freightways Ltd on the following basis: A secondary sale of 77.5m existing shares in a tender process that established a price for the shares of $1.60. A primary offer by FRE of $17.5m new shares at the Final Price at $1.60 (being 10.9m shares) to NZ resident Preference...(more)