TWR $1.610 $0.000 / 0.00% 52 Week Change: $-0.160 / -9.04%
Issued By
Tower Limited
Security Type
Ordinary Shares
NZX 50, NZX 50 Portfolio, NZX MidCap, and NZX All
Services / Finance & Other Services


Trading Status Trading
Trades 0
Value $0.00
Volume 0
Capitalisation (000s) $286,814


Open $1.610
High $0.000
Low $0.000
High Bid $1.600
Low Offer $1.610


P/E 11.240
EPS $0.143
NTA $1.573
Gross Div Yield 6.832%
Shares Issued 178,145,130
Data up to date as of 24/04/2014 04:40AM

Company Description

Financial services, investment and insurance organisation.

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There are no upcoming dividends in this security at this time.

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Company Analysis

Tower started business in New Zealand in 1869 as a government department selling life insurance policies and pensions. The company was demutualised in 1999, the effect of which was to convert Tower’s legal status to a shareholder-owned company. The company was listed on the Australian and NZ stock exchanges in 1999. In November 2...(more)