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Fonterra Shareholders' Market (NZZX)

The Fonterra Shareholders’ Market (FSM) is a private market on which only Fonterra Farmer Shareholders, Fonterra and a specially appointed market maker are allowed to trade Fonterra Shares. The FSM forms part of Trading Among Farmers (TAF).

Outside investors who are not allowed to hold shares in Fonterra can invest in Units in a fund known as the Fonterra Shareholders’ Fund (FSF). The FSF gives investors access to the Economic Rights that they would have received if they were allowed to own a Fonterra Share. The FSF Units are listed on the NZX Main Board.

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Market Snapshot

Capitalisation (000s) $7,803,577
Trade Volume 0
Trade Count 0
Instruments Listed 1

Fonterra Co-operative Group Shares

FCG $4.880 $0.000 / 0.00%

Fonterra Shareholders’ Fund Units

FSF $4.880 $0.000 / 0.00%

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Upcoming Meetings

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FCG AGM 25/11/2015 TBA TBA