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Greenfern Industries Annual Meeting resolutions passed

29/09/2023, 15:47 NZDT, MEETING

Greenfern Industries Limited is pleased to advise that resolutions were passed at its Annual Meeting which was held today on 29 September 2023. . The Resolutions were decided by poll. The final results of the voting by poll were: Resolution 1 - Auditor fees and expenses "That the directors of the Company be authorised to fix the fees and expenses of the Company's auditor." The votes were: For: 19,189,424 (99.29%) Against: 137,021 (0.71%) Abstain: 744,783 END. For further information contact: Dan Casey Managing Director Mobile 0274202476 Email dan@gfi.nz End CA:00419180 For:GFI Type:MEETING Time:2023-09-29 15:47:06