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Fonterra’s 2024 Interim Results Briefing

21/03/2024, 08:30 NZDT, GENERAL

21 March 2024 Fonterra's 2024 Interim Results Briefing Fonterra's 2024 Interim Results Briefing will be available as below: Date: Thursday 21 March 2024 Results Video: A video of the Interim Results, presented by Miles Hurrell and Simon Till, will be available after 9.00am NZT on Fonterra's website. We recommend watching the video prior to joining the Interim Results Briefing. Event: 12.45 pm NZT Unit holders and debt holders conference call for Q&A will be hosted by: o Miles Hurrell (Chief Executive Officer) o Simon Till (Acting Chief Financial Officer) o Selena Robb (Director Capital Markets and M&A) Please register using the link below: Conference Registration (vevent.com) -ENDS- For further information contact: Investor Relations investor.relations@fonterra.com End CA:00428333 For:FCG Type:GENERAL Time:2024-03-21 08:30:36