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BIT - Transactions in Own Shares

11/07/2024, 08:30 NZST, MKTUPDTE

JANUS HENDERSON FUND MANAGEMENT UK LIMITED THE BANKERS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC LEGAL ENTITY IDENTIFIER: 213800B9YWXL3X1VMZ69 10 July 2024 THE BANKERS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC (“the Company”) Market purchase by the Company of its own shares Notification is given that pursuant to the authority granted at the Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 22 February 2024 to make market purchases of the Company’s own shares of 2.5p, a market purchase of 450,000 ordinary shares in the capital of the Company was made today at a price of 115.7729p per share to be held in treasury. The issued share capital of the Company following this purchase will continue to be 1,315,102,830 ordinary shares of 2.5p each of which 147,892,405 (11.2%) are held in treasury and have no voting rights. For calculations of interests in the Company’s voting rights, on a poll, members have one vote per share. Therefore, the total number of voting rights in The Bankers Investment Trust PLC is 1,167,210,425. For further information, please call: Alex Crooke The Bankers Investment Trust PLC Telephone: 020 7818 4447 Wendy King For and on behalf of Janus Henderson Secretarial Services UK Limited Corporate Secretary to The Bankers Investment Trust PLC Telephone: 020 7818 4233 Harriet Hall PR Director, Investment Trusts Janus Henderson Investors Telephone: 020 7818 2919