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Carbon Fund acquisition of CO2 units

11/07/2024, 14:43 NZST, SECISSUE

Carbon Fund acquisition of CO2 units Pursuant to Rule 3.13.1 of the NZX Listing Rules, we are pleased to provide the following information in relation to the acquisition of CO2 units by the Carbon Fund. Name of Issuer: Carbon Fund NZX ticker code: CO2 Class of financial product: Units in the Carbon Fund ISIN number: NZCO2E0005S7 Currency: New Zealand dollars Number of securities acquired: 69,691 Nominal value: $97,922.82 Acquisition Price: $1.4051 Nature of Payment: Cash Amount Paid Up (if not in full): Fully Paid Percentage of total class acquired: 0.1823% of total units on issue Reason for acquisition: Units acquired as treasury stock pursuant to Master Trust Deed Total number of fully paid ordinary units in existence after acquisition (excluding any treasury stock): 38,219,181 In the case of an acquisition of shares, whether those shares are to be held as treasury stock: To be held as treasury stock Authority for the issue: Pursuant to Master Trust Deed Terms or details of the acquisition: Nil Date of acquisition: 10/07/2024 For more information, please contact: Call: 09 967 7276 during normal business hours Email: info@saltfunds.co.nz Write to: Salt Investment Funds Limited, PO Box 106-587, Auckland, 1143