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CO2's NTA as at 10/07/2024: $1.6569

11/07/2024, 14:48 NZST, MKTUPDTE

CO2 NTA and Allotment Notice Salt Investment Funds Limited would like to report details of the Units on Issue for the Carbon Fund as at 10/07/2024. Units on Issue: 38,219,181 Units Allotted: - Net Tangible Assets (NTA): 1.6569 The Fund’s aim is to provide investors with a total return exposure to the price of carbon credits. The Fund has the ability to buy carbon credits in emissions trading schemes in New Zealand and offshore. The Fund gains its exposure to the price of carbon credits in the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme through purchasing and holding carbon credits on the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme. The Carbon Fund is managed by Salt Investment Funds Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Salt Funds Management Limited. The Product Disclosure Statement can be found on www.carbonfund.co.nz About Salt Funds Management Limited Salt Funds Management is an award-winning boutique funds management firm, with over NZ$2billion in funds under management. Using proprietary research Salt specialises in managing New Zealand and Australian listed equity and listed property portfolios. It operates an active investment philosophy of seeking to invest in companies with strong management, which operate within sound industry structures and generate superior shareholder returns. For more information, please visit: www.saltfunds.co.nz For more information, please contact: Call: 09 967 7276 during normal business hours Email: info@saltfunds.co.nz Write to: Salt Investment Funds Limited, PO Box 106-587, Auckland, 1143