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Capital Change Notice – Capital Bonds Allotment

11/07/2024, 15:42 NZST, SECISSUE

Pursuant to NZX Listing Rule 3.13.1, Mercury NZ Limited announces that the following securities have been issued: Name of issuer: Mercury NZ Limited NZX ticker code: MCY070 Class of financial product: Unsecured, subordinated capital bonds (Capital Bonds) ISIN: NZMCYDG007C9 Currency: NZ$ Number issued: 350,000,000 Nominal value (if any): $1.00 Issue price per security: $1.00 Nature of the payment (for example, cash or other consideration): Cash Amount paid up (if not in full): Fully paid up Percentage of total class of Financial Products issued (calculated on the number of Financial Products of the Class, excluding any Treasury Stock, in existence): 100% For an issue of Convertible Financial Products or Options, the principal terms of Conversion (for example the Conversion price and Conversion date and the ranking of the Financial Product in relation to other Classes of Financial Product) or the Option (for example, the exercise price and exercise date): Not applicable Reason for issue and specific authority for issue (the reason for change must be identified here): The proceeds from the issue of Capital Bonds will be used to fund the redemption of the MCY020 Bonds and for general corporate purposes. Issue pursuant to Board Resolutions dated 19 February 2024 and 17 June 2024. Total number of Financial Products of the Class after the issue (excluding Treasury Stock) and the total number of Financial Products of the Class held as Treasury Stock after the issue: 350,000,000 In the case of an acquisition of shares, whether those shares are to be held as treasury stock: Not applicable Specific authority for the issue, acquisition, or redemption, including a reference to the rule pursuant to which the issue, acquisition, or redemption is made Mercury Board Resolutions dated 19 February 2024 and 17 June 2024. Rule 3.13.1 Terms or details of the issue, acquisition, or redemption (for example: restrictions, escrow arrangements): As set out in the final terms sheet dated 27 June 2024 for the offer of the Capital Bonds Date of issue: 11 July 2024 Name of person authorised to make this announcement: Howard Thomas, General Counsel & Company Secretary Contact person for this announcement: Howard Thomas Contact phone number: 09 308 8270 Contact email address: Howard.Thomas@mercury.co.nz Date of release through MAP: 11 July 2024