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EROAD Limited Analysis


EROAD has created an electronic solution to manage and pay Road User Charges (RUC), support regulatory compliance and provide value-added commercial services to the heavy vehicle industry. In 2009, EROAD implemented the world's first network-wide GPS/cellular-based road user charging system, which modernised the existing paper-based RUC regime in New Zealand.

The EROAD system consists of a secure electronic distance recorder (Ehubo), combined with a bank-grade payment gateway and services portal. We undertake design and manufacture of our Ehubos, as well as software development, from our headquarters in Auckland.

EROAD's successful New Zealand reference site provided it with the opportunity to enter the international market. In 2014 we commercially launched in Oregon, becoming the first approved electronic Weight-Mile Tax (WMT) service provider in North America. We also entered the Australian market with a commercial services offering. For more information please visit


The following information was extracted from EROAD Limited full year results, released on 23 May 2024:

All numbers are stated in New Zealand dollars (NZ$) and relate to the 12 months ended 31 March 2024 (FY24), unless stated otherwise. Comparisons relate to the twelve months ended 31 March 2023 (FY23).

Financial Highlights

  • Achieved positive Free Cash Flow (to the firm) of $1.3m in FY24 compared to negative free cash flow (to the firm) of $29.9m in FY23. This improvement is the result of growth in units, price increases and cost control.
  • Revenue increased to $182.0m for FY24 from reported revenue of $174.9m in FY23 and normalised revenue of $165.3m in FY23. This represents a 10.1% increase against normalised revenue for the prior comparable period, normalising for the one-off acquisition accounting adjustment of $9.6m in FY23 relating to the Coretex merger. Growth in revenue was delivered across all markets.
  • Annualised Monthly Recurring Revenue increased by $24.1m (15.7%) to $177.8m in FY24 from $153.7m in FY23, reflecting growth across all markets and support by favourable foreign exchange.
  • EBIT of $0.8m in FY24 compared to $1.7m in FY23. Normalised EBIT increased to $4.4m in FY24 up from $(4.5)m in FY23. Normalised for 4G hardware upgrade costs of $3.6m in FY24 and integration costs of $3.4m and one-off acquisition revenue of $9.6m in FY23.

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