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Marlin Global Limited Analysis


Marlin Global is a listed investment company that invests in growing companies based outside of New Zealand and Australia. The Marlin portfolio is managed by Fisher Funds, a specialist investment manager with a track record of successfully investing in growth company shares. The aim of Marlin is to offer investors competitive returns through capital growth and dividends, and access to a diversified portfolio of investments through a single tax-efficient investment vehicle. Marlin listed on the NZX Main Board on 1 November 2007 and may invest in companies that are listed on any approved stock exchange (excluding New Zealand or Australia) or unlisted companies not incorporated in New Zealand or Australia.


The following information was extracted from Marlin's half year results, released on 22 February 2023:

Reporting Period 6 months to 31 December 2023

Previous Reporting Period 6 months to 31 December 2022

Currency NZ$

Amount (000s) Percentage change

Revenue from continuing operations $12,351 (n/a)

Total Revenue $12,351 (n/a)

Net profit/(loss) from continuing operations $10,185 (n/a)

Total net profit/(loss) $10,185 (n/a)

Interim/Final Dividend

Amount per Quoted Equity Security $NZ 1.86 cents per share

Imputed amount per Quoted Equity Security $NZ 0.00000000

Record Date 7 March 2024

Dividend Payment Date 28 March 2024

Current period Prior comparable period

Net tangible assets per Quoted Equity Security $0.9435 $0.7952

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