RTO Limited Analysis


RTO Limited ("RTO") does not currently operate any commercial trading operations.

The Board of RTO is focused on identifying a business to acquire, and effectively undertake a reverse listing transaction in respect of that business.

The Board wishes to acquire a business that has one or more of the following attributes:

  • The business has excellent personnel and management.
  • The business has a robust business model.
  • The business has solid historical earnings, or alternatively has a sound business platform from which to implement its business plan and generate strong earnings in the future.
  • The business has the potential to grow organically, or via complimentary acquisitions.
  • The business would benefit from raising additional capital from the markets.
  • The RTO Board continues to investigate all credible investment opportunities that may present themselves, and are hopeful of having a transaction underway during the course of the current financial year.


The following information was extracted from RTO Limited full year results, released 29 May 2024:

Activities during the Financial Year ended 31 March 2024

During the course of the financial year:

  • The Company did not undertake any business activities.
  • The Board was actively engaged in seeking to identify a potential business to acquire as part of a reverse Takeover transaction (RTO).

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