Forms, Tools and Resources

The forms, tools and resources set out below are designed to assist issuers with NZX Listing Rule compliance and reporting.

Primary and Secondary Authorised Representatives

Issuers and prospective Issuers must use the prescribed form below to:

  • appoint a Primary Authorised Representative and a Secondary Authorised Representative, and notify NZX of the contact information of both Authorised Representatives; and
  • notify NZX of changes to an Authorised Representative’s contact information, or the appointment of new Authorised Representatives.

If you have any questions in relation to Authorised Representatives or the prescribed submission form please contact NZ RegCo Issuer Regulation –

NZX Listing Rule Guidance Notes are available at –

NZX Listing Rule Practice Notes are available at –

Templates that issuer must use to complete NZX Listing Rule disclosure are on MAP -

NZX Remuneration Reporting Template

There is no obligation or requirement under the NZX Listing Rules for issuers to use the Remuneration Reporting Template:

NZX Remuneration Reporting Template