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NZX operates New Zealand's Wholesale Electricity Market, providing services and systems under agreement from the Electricity Authority as a market regulator. NZX performs these activities in accordance with the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010.

Trading System (WITS)

NZX operates the trading and information system used to support the 24-hour buying and selling of spot market electricity. The Wholesale Information and Trading System (WITS) processes around 25,000 market orders per day and publishes information such as dispatch schedules, transmission constraints and nodal prices.

The WITS Data Hub is available for everyone to use at:

WITS Road Map

Telephone: 0800 426 648


Reconciliation Manager

NZX is responsible for allocating all quantities of electricity consumed to purchasers and all quantities of electricity supplied to generators. Metering information from market participants is used to scale, calculate and allocate unaccounted for electricity. This quantity information supports monthly spot market settlement.

Reconciliation Road map

Telephone: +64 4 498 0044


Clearing Manager

NZX manages the clearing and settlement arrangements for the wholesale market. The Clearing Manager settles monthly all trades on the spot and financial transmission rights markets.

Risk exposure of market participants to the spot market is monitored to ensure sufficient prudential security is available to meet market obligations. Additional security will be required if net exposure exceeds lodged security.

Settling hedge settlement agreements, invoices and calculations of transmission ancillary services are also functions of the Clearing Manager.

The clearing manager publishes to

For key documents refer to the 'Clearing Manager' tab.

Clearing Road Map

Telephone: +64 4 495 2801


Stress Testing

NZX, as an independent registrar, manages the stress test collection and reporting process. Electricity market participants purchasing electricity from the clearing manager, and consumers directly connected to the national grid, are required under the code to produce a spot price risk disclosure statement no later than five working days before the beginning of the quarter. This disclosure statement is used to indicate their risk exposure to the market spot price.

To register as a disclosing participant, contact the Stress Test Registrar.

Electricity Authority Stress Test Registrar Guidance

Stress Test Registrar application

Telephone: +64 4 498 0058



NZX Energy provides reporting and data services to industry participants and market observers. Data sets including half-hour nodal prices, supply and demand can be packaged to user specifications. Contact us for more information or to subscribe.

The free Daily Electricity Report summarises key electricity market metrics covering price, demand, supply, transmission and climate.

The Daily Hydrological Summary reports on current and historical hydrology patterns of New Zealand's key generation catchments. This is available by subscription in two formats - a daily report and/or access to a 100 year historical database.

Telephone: +64 4 495 2801