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Market Participant / Participant

We offer a variety of membership options across our cash market, which are designed to incorporate Trading, Clearing and Depository activities. Please see the brochure below for more information.

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Become A NZX Participant

Trading Participant

NZX accredited trading participants have access to our world class exchange platform that offers liquidity across a wide range of markets such as equities, debt, exchange traded funds, along with equity derivatives & commodity derivatives (through partnership). Please see the brochure below for more information.

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NZX Trading


NZX offers a range of different connectivity options for clients to access the NZX systems, regardless of location. The right option will depend on your preference and the way you intend to access the NZX Markets. Please see the brochure below for more information.

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Connectivity Overview

NZX Participant Application Process

NZX provides a highly efficient and collaborative onboarding process, comprising a regulatory accreditation process and a business and operations establishment phase. This is completed in parallel with the support of dedicated relationship managers.


The NZX Markets Development team will be your key commercial contacts throughout the application process. NZX Markets Development works with clients to determine what type of accreditation is best for their needs and help clients to navigate through the application process.


We will set you up with a team of subject matter experts across NZX markets, data, technology and compliance to support and guide you on your accreditation journey. For firms looking to connect new front or back office technology, this step will include a technical conformance to ensure that your technology is fit for purpose. Clients are required to develop robust operational procedures to manage their obligations as NZX Participants.


Once an application is submitted, the NZX Participant Compliance Team will review your documentation to validate and ensure that firms accredited for NZX's markets meet the highest of standards, enabling overall market integrity to be maintained. The formal accreditation process confirms that the applicant is legally, technically and operationally capable of managing their obligations as an NZX Participant.


Upon successful accreditation, the NZX team will ensure a smooth go live transition providing pre and post-launch services. This includes dedicated go live resources and support networks to ensure your successful assimilation into the NZX Participant environment. This relationship management and client-centric approach continues as firms become valued members of the NZX and the New Zealand Capital Markets.

Participant Accreditation

A Market Participant / Participant is a business accredited by NZX to participate in the markets provided by NZX. NZX also accredits individuals within these businesses as NZX Advisers, NZDX Advisers and NZX Derivatives Advisers.

Section 3 of the NZX Participant Rules and Section 3 of the Derivatives Market Rules detail the main application requirements for accreditation as an NZX Participant or Derivatives Market Participant.

Applicants must fulfil certain requirements and submit prescribed documents to NZ RegCo. Applicants must ensure that they are aware of their obligations under each Rule set, relevant to their application, and to implement appropriate processes to comply with the applicable Rule obligations before they submit an application to NZ RegCo.

Accreditation Documentation

The following documentation will assist applicants with their accreditation process:

NZX Adviser / NZDX Adviser / NZX Derivatives Adviser

To be accredited as an NZX Adviser, NZDX Adviser or NZX Derivatives Adviser an individual must be employed by an NZX Market Participant or Derivatives Market Participant as appropriate. The individual must be NZX accredited under either, or both, the Participant Rules and the Derivatives Market Rules to provide advice to clients in respect of the relevant products.

To apply for approval as any of the above Adviser designations, a candidate must fulfil certain requirements and submit documents prescribed by the Rules as set out in the NZX Adviser Designation Guidance Note.

For assistance on becoming a Market Participant / Participant or NZX Adviser / NZDX Adviser / NZX Derivatives Adviser, please email

Contact Details

Jeremy Anderson
General Manager - Capital Markets Development
+64 4 471 4391
Brandon Tai
Head of Markets Development
+64 4 498 2272
Nick Morris
General Manager Strategic Delivery
+64 9 308 3703
Nick Garden
Head of Derivatives
+64 9 375 9865