Dairy Update

Stay informed of the latest important issues that impact the global dairy industry. Dairy Update delivers high quality, dependable news and commentary backed by an expert team of analysts.

This service incorporates the latest relevant news from local and global dairy markets. The content is rich in data analysis and covering key areas of interest including Global Dairy Trade and the NZX Dairy Derivatives market.

Users are able to select the services that best suit their business requirements whether that be the daily update, weekly update, and/or receiving breaking news alerts.

Frequency: Daily - Monday-Friday

Included in bundles: Dairy Professional & Dairy Professional Plus

Monthly Dairy

This is the dairy report the industry relies on and is our most widely read report.

Monthly Dairy provides in-depth analysis on key factors influencing the dairy industry, both internationally and within New Zealand.

Readers will gain insight into the factors impacting dairy commodity prices, exchange rate movements, global milk production, and farmgate milk price forecast for New Zealand.

Global Dairy Snapshot

This report is designed for dairy professionals who are actively involved in trading dairy commodities.

The report provides readers with the weekly NZX survey prices for whole milk powder, skim milk powder, cheddar, butter, casein, and anhydrous milkfat.

Global Dairy Snapshot also contains prices from across the globe conveniently converted into US$ per tonne to make it easy to compare global market trends.

Frequency: Weekly - Friday

Included in bundles: Dairy Professional & Dairy Professional Plus

Dairy Trade Statistics

This monthly report provides analysts with export data for the main dairy commodities for New Zealand, Australia, United States, European Union, and Argentina.

The report is provided in excel which give you access to the raw data so you can use this in your own reports. The data is also presented in summary tables and graphs for your convenience.

Frequency: Monthly - last week of the month

Included in bundles: Dairy Professional & Dairy Professional Plus

NZ Pasture Growth Index

The Dairy Pasture Growth Index measures potential pasture growth based on three factors: rainfall, temperature and light.

The index is a leading indicator of New Zealand’s milk supply and is particularly valuable to companies who wish to assess the risk of New Zealand’s milk supply being greater or less than normal. The index is positively correlated with milk production.

The Pasture Growth Index is calculated for 17 dairy regions in New Zealand, with the data weighted by milk production for readings at the National, North Island and South Island levels. The Pasture Growth Index uses NIWA forecast data to make predictions for the fortnight ahead.

Due to PGI being an index, it does not correlate directly to actual pasture grown at the farm level, but gives an indication of possible grass grown at the regional level.

There are a range of on farm factors, such as grass cover, nitrogen use and different soil types that can differ between properties within a region, it would be inaccurate to measure the level of kilograms of pasture grown per hectare.

The index is measured between 0 and 1, where 0 indicates that pasture growth conditions are poor, and 1 indicates pasture conditions are perfect.

For example, an index measure closer to 0 would occur when New Zealand is experiencing drought conditions, particularly in an area such as Waikato which is a key milk producing region.

An annual subscription to the Pasture Growth Index provides you with a weekly report and access to AgData – our online database which houses historic PGI data, GDT data, and dairy derivatives data.

Frequency: Weekly - Wednesday

Included in bundles: Dairy Professional Plus

Dairy Insight

Dairy Insight is a weekly report designed to provide New Zealand farmers with the latest market insights. Dairy Insight interprets what is happening in the global dairy commodity markets and what this will mean for farmgate milk prices in New Zealand. Receive our latest milk price forecasts, and insights into the NZX milk price futures and options products. The report also provides market trends on major costs and cull cow pricing. Feed prices and pasture growth information is also covered.

Frequency: Weekly - Thursday

Grain & Feed Insight

The Grain & Feed Report is a practical tool to assist in making profitable decisions as a buyer or seller of feed grains.

Every fortnight you will receive independent commentary and analysis of prices and industry trends which will allow you to make informed decisions. The report contains regional and national prices and also monitors grain imports and global market trends.

Frequency: Fortnightly - first and third Tuesday of month

Custom Reports and One-off Data

The Dairy Insights team also works in tailoring custom reports and providing one-off data requests services to many stakeholders in the industry. If you have a similar requirement feel free to contact the team at to set up a time and go over your data or insights needs.