Meet the team

Our Dairy Team ( at NZX looks at the domestic and international movements of the dairy industry. Our work involves understanding not only global supply, production, processing, and exports, but also to look at input costs such as brent crude oil and fertilisers, as well as financial controls including inflation, interest rates, FX, etc.

Cristina Alvarado

Commercial Manager - Data & Insights

Cristina Alvarado Photo

Cristina joined NZX in October 2023 and leads the Dairy Data & Insights team. Cristina has extensive experience championing data-driven solutions, emphasizing business analysis, market expansion, and stakeholder collaboration across enterprises such as Fonterra, OfficeMax, and Bank of New Zealand. A polyglot, Cristina holds a BA & LLB from the Metropolitan University of Venezuela, and a Master in International Business (Hons) from the University of Auckland.

Rosalind Crickett

Dairy Analyst

Rosalind Crickett Photo

Rosalind joined NZX in October 2023 as a Dairy Analyst. Here she works in the dairy insights team, assisting with analysis and insight reporting. Previously she held analyst roles in corporate governance advisory and procurement firms, specializing in analysis and insight generation across director recruitment, and Board and executive evaluations. Rosalind has BMS with majors in Agribusiness and Strategic Management from the University of Waikato.

Lewis Hoggard

Junior Dairy Analyst

Lewis Hoggard Photo

Lewis is a Junior Dairy Analyst and member of the Dairy Insights team at NZX. He is a recent graduate and has a BCom from the University of Auckland with majors in Finance and Economics, thus his focus is on the economic ramifications of events in the dairy sector, with the purpose of providing farmers and other stakeholders in the industry with relevant data insights.